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Same ol'

Calvin Robison a.k.a. Same Ol’ was born in Chattanoooga, Tn. At the age of 6 he and his family moved to Atlanta, Ga. Same Ol’ has attended all the “real” Freakniks, graduated from Tucker High School, attended Clark Atlanta University, and has been locked up in Dekalb County jail on numerous occasions. All of these achievements he believes “makes me a true atlien”. After a failed career in the music industry and 28 jobs later Same Ol’ is the #1 Hater in the game. 

J.D. Tobias from The Kings Of Discussion

J. D. Tobias

Introducing both the gentleman and the scholar: JD Tobias. Hailing from “The Chi” (Chicago), raised in “The A” (Atlanta), he has been seasoned by his experiences of living in both places. He believes in “smart” work & ascertaining growth through healthy challenges. JDs values are wrapped in both freedom  and family, which both serve as his motivation… be of service to his people, by telling it like it is.

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Obviously Gay Guy

"I'm in the closet...looking for a huge scarf because it's cold....but anyway...I'm listening to this awesome podcast and you should too ”

Fake Nia Long

Hey guys I'm Nia Long's little cousin and I have to say this is one of the best podcast out there!”


Karen Candice Owens

"These idiots are the reason I call the's like I'm fascinated and I hate them at the same hell of a show though! ”


Gamer Girl

"I like to play fortnite and listen to the kings of discussion they are totally rad!”


Educated Brother

"I hope one day I can be just as intellectual as these two guys, but especially J.D. Tobias.”